FO: Family slippers

The other day, Mom texted me a picture of the slippers I’d made Dad back in 2017. It had taken four years, but he’d finally worn a hole in the heel.

I guess he needed a new pair. Luckily, I still had a pile of yarn leftover from that barnyard cardigan, and it was just the right weight. I got smart, and gave the yarn a good long soak BEFORE I knit with it this time. It didn’t get rid of the smell completely, but it wasn’t so overpowering, and it was a little nicer to knit with (the sticky lanolin feeling was gone)

The pattern is Family Slippers, and it’s a nice, simple “traditional” grandma style slipper. I had these knit up in a couple of evenings.

That should keep his feet warm for at least another four years.

9 thoughts on “FO: Family slippers

  1. Okay so ignore my previous comment please Val. I asked about the cats and when I went back to the pattern you highlighted, I could see your cats adored it!!! Mine would love smelly yarn. I bet.
    I should have smelled my yarn when I organized it today. I relied totally on sight and touch. I adore your slippers for your dad.


  2. Araignee

    They look so warm and cozy! Handknit slippers are the best. I keep meaning to dig mine out and give them a wash but winter will be over before I get around to it I bet.


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