Here comes the sun…

…and Burton knows just what to do.

It has been a mostly glorious week. Sure,a few days were cloudy, and one even rained, but to have afternoon above 10 degrees C…. fabulous!

This coming week is not expected to be quite as nice, so we took advantage of the sun and warmth and spent as much time outside as possible.

It’s still early to do much in the garden, but I cleared away some winter detritus, and cut down a few old stems, and was rewarded with a little more green poking through.

Top Row L-R: Allium, Yarrow and Leopard’s Bane. Bottom Row: Day Lilies, black Irises, and Chrysanthemums.

The trees still aren’t showing much in the way of signs of life, with the exception of my lilac.

She never disappoints. She is one plant I’m really going to miss when we move. You may recall, she’s a double bloom white with just a hint of pink (White Russian). I’d never seen one like her before, and I’ve never seen one since. Doubtless there are more out there, and I really hope so. She’s too big to dig up and take with me. She was one of the first things I planted here.

One thing that didn’t fare well this winter is my birdbath

I guess I should have brought it in last fall. I thought I had enough clear on it to weather the winter, but apparently not. It’s only on the bottom half, which is odd. But oh well, I can always strip off the remaining bits and repaint the bottom. It’s not like I don’t have a boatload of paint!

Is your world getting sunnier and greener?

8 thoughts on “Here comes the sun…

  1. We’ve had a bit of sun. The daffs are popping up and the neighbor’s dogwood buds are getting thicker. The rock rose shows signs that leaves are forming.

    Other than that it still looks a bit wintery in my yard.

    Sorry about your painted pot. Thankfully, it did not crack.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    So many hints of spring for you. Every morning on my walk, I notice something new coming up or blooming. Was surprised to see hyacinths in bloom this morning. Cooler weather is moving in along with some rain but I won’t even complain after such a great weather week.


  3. I’m sorry about the birdbath but just think, now you can paint it again! 🙂
    Not too much green here, just the trees that are green all year round. It was in the upper 50’s here today and it’s supposed to be 61F tomorrow! Yay! Dennis took my snow tires off so I can get used to driving without them before I leave. We had the door and windows open and it was wonderful.
    Burton has the right idea. I would like to be right there next to him.


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