Something old, something new, nothing borrowed, something somewhat blue

The old: This yarn. While not truly old, I bought it last year intending to have it used up by Christmas. Plans changed and it became “stash yarn”. Which qualifies it as old.

The new: It’s a new sock on the needles!!!! Nothing fancy, just a plain, old, south-soothing vanilla.

The somewhat blue: Three cool stripes! (though one is slightly mauve)

It’s a man sock and the colourway is Thunderstruck. I’m not sure how that name correlates to the colours, but hey – it’s fun. It’s hard to see in the picture, but there are three shades of orange too. First a pumpkin orange, then a slightly more coral orange, then a dark red-orange.

They are definitely not colours I normally gravitate to, but they are fun none-the-less.

I’ve had a couple good nights of knitting so I’m almost through the leg. I’m using a little leftover light blue Alley Cat (left over from Rowan’s hoodie) so I don’t have to break up the stripe sequence. I’m definitely enjoying it so far.

That’s the good news.

Now for the bad news. Remember that order of Felici I told you about? When I posted about it, it has been shipped, but not yet arrived. A few days later, it just stopped tracking. I waited, and waited, and then finally contact Knit Picks. It does appear to be lost. They are replacing it, no problem. However, by the time they determined it was indeed lost, they no longer had and of the Goth Kitty! The whole reason I placed the order in the first place. They are also out of the Rainbow, which make me sad, but not as sad as losing out on that darn Goth Kitty. Oh well. Maybe I’ll get lucky and that lost parcel will get found and make its way to my door.

9 thoughts on “Something old, something new, nothing borrowed, something somewhat blue

  1. Araignee

    Oh, no…that is terrible about the Felici. The colors do sell out quickly. I had the same issue with some soynut butter I ordered. I was furious because I was really looking forward to eating it and it said it was delivered but when I went up to the mailbox it wasn’t there. It did turn up a day later. A neighbor had got it and opened it without looking at the address. It took a while but they figured the weird stuff must be mine so she brought it over. I hope it’s the same for your yarn and it shows up soon.


  2. Oh Val. That stinks. Perhaps the package will show up after all……
    By the way, I snapped a photo OF Fezzy upside down just like your header! He was on my husband’s lap and looked as if someone did a dip in a dance with him!


  3. Don’t give up hope: I’m sure you will eventually receive the yarn package. The mail has been terribly slow and tracking erratic. I’ve had packages stalled for nearly a week and then magically appear in my mailbox.


  4. Shirley Elliott

    Hope your package eventually reaches you! I received Christmas cards that had been mailed the first of December in late January. Love the colors/stripes in the new sock.


  5. Pretty sock but like everyone else I’m sorry about the package. The mail lost our prescriptions last month. They never did deliver them but the medical company shipped a new package overnight to our door to replace them. I hope your yarn shows up soon.


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