First, let me wish you all a Happy St. Patrick’s Day. (And a happy birthday to my SIL, Jenn!).

We normally don’t do anything for St. Pat’s around here. But the other day, I took down the snowflake decoration I had hanging from my Welcome sign. It’s too early to put up the hanging basket that lives there in the warm weather, and it needed something. I thought a shamrock would be just the thing and hit the Dollar store. I left it a bit too late though, and there wasn’t much left. All I managed to find was a foil shamrock garland. I cut a few of the shamrocks off, and tied them to the hook on the sign

It’s not quite what I had in mind, but it did the trick! Of course, there was still almost the whole garland left so I hung it between our living room and dining room.

It’s such a silly little thing, but seeing it hanging there has been so cheering this last week! I think I need garlands for all the holidays!

In other green news, one of potted shamrocks is going gangbusters too.

As you may recall, I keep these guys outside in the summer (I have burgundy ones too), but they do fantastic as houseplants as long as they get enough light.

Now… to the fluffy bits…

No Burton… not your fluffy bits! (as cute as you are). Right now I mean the knitting.

Does it look much longer than the last time I showed you? It is. But not as much as it should be. At first I was really good, putting the requisite four rows on it every night before working on everything else. Then things got hectic and I was barely knitting at all. Then when I did have time to knit, I just wanted to work on happy striped socks.

But I need to get back to those four rows each night. It’s the only way Im ever going to get through this one. And I’m determined to do it. Then I promise never, ever, ever to buy mohair again. I love the fabric, but it’s certainly not a thrill to knit with!

9 thoughts on “Fluffmaster

  1. I pretty much feel the same about mohair and I seriously DON’T understand the fingering/mohair trend in sweaters. Wow! The expense and the hassle. Uh uh, not for me.

    I gave my three balls of mohair to the Little Free Fiber Library. I haven’t been back to see if someone bit.


  2. I don’t think I’ve ever knit with mohair but yours is sure pretty. Burton seems to like it too. Love your shamrocks. I have a shiny one on the RV slide that I also got at the Dollar Tree.
    I have crocheted yarn garlands for the different seasons that I have put on the island both in our old house and the RV. I don’t know where they will get hung in the new place.
    Happy St. Patricks Day!


  3. Oxalis are just wonderful plants! I also had the burgundy ones and their pink blooms are so pretty. Your knitting looks so delicate – like spun fair dust. Happy St. Patrick’s Day – and cheering and happy is what we need these days.


  4. I had a good mohair experience (mohair + fingering) with my Love Note sweater last year, and now I’m starting to think about how I could use mohair in a design. It’s a collaboration with a crochet designer; we shall see…


  5. Mohair is difficult…I have been working on a pair of bed socks for over a year that are alpaca…I am thinking frogging them…I am certain they are why i have lost my knitting mojo!
    Your piece is lovely and I am certain you will be happy with it when it is done!


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