Dye a little more

It’s rare that I have two full days to myself on the weekend. I usually spend at least one day at Mom’s quilting (I’m not complaining). But this weekend was one of those weekends.

After devoting Saturday to sewing, I decided that on Sunday, I’d tackle a little more of the yarn that needed to be dyed.

First up was eight skeins of our Tabby Cat base, but in the Chunky weight. It was another one never planned for the shop – I’d long wanted to dye it up and make myself a big, warm grandpa cardigan.

Since green is my favourite colour, I decided a nice strong pine would be perfect for a work-a-day cardigan.

Next up was seven skeins of Alley Cat Falkland.

I did four of them up in a pretty Wedgewood blue. I don’t have a lot of blue in my wardrobe, so I thought it would be fun to step outside my colourbox and make myself a blue cardigan – one day.

The other three were dyed up for socks.

I’m going to have quite a stash of sock yarn by the time I’m finished.

Last were two single skeins of lace-weight.

The first is Twinkle Cat Lace. I’m not a huge fan of blue, but we have one shade – Twilight, that I just adore. And it really makes all those sparkly bits stand out.

The second is unknown. All I can tell is that it’s 100% silk. I dyed it up in a warm, dusky burgundy – It will become something gorgeous and lacey…. one day.

Now I have just one Rubbermaid tub of yarn left. But it’s packed to the gills, so I suspect I have at least two more dyeing sessions ahead of me.

9 thoughts on “Dye a little more

  1. You are making progress! The pine yarn is gorgeous Val – love the shade of green and love the barber-pole look of it. You will have some beautiful cardigans!


  2. Shirley Elliott

    WOW!!! That is beautiful yarn. There will certainly be some awesome projects from those wonderful colors. You are so talented!


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