FO: Thunder baby

When I finished the Thunderstruck socks, I still had a little bit of yarn left. Not as much as when I finished the Hamburger socks. Naturally the Thunderstruck socks were much wider and longer. But it was enough that I thought as long as I was creative, I could eke out another shortie pair.

And so I did! Now Rowan will have a pair that matches her Dad’s socks, as well as one that matches her Mom’s! And I have used up every inch of that Felici which makes me feel good!

I will admit, by the time I had them off the needles, I was a little sick of all that blue and orange. Time for something a little more varied. Details soon!

8 thoughts on “FO: Thunder baby

  1. Araignee

    That’s a great use for the little leftovers. I thought about making some baby socks for the new Grand with mine but the stripes are too big for itty bitty socks.


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