April’s blooming!

Mother Nature continues to do her Spring Thing. There’s been a good amount of rain, but it’s been mostly sunny. And on those sunny days, while it looks nice and warm, there’s always been a cool breeze to remind you that it’s still EARLY spring – don’t get too excited about the garden just yet.

Still… I can’t help but do so when I see blooms.

It’s mainly daffodils so far.

But I certainly won’t complain about that.

The Crocuses that survived the bunnies are mostly done now.

I got to see those pretty white ones a full day before some hungry little bun came and nipped them clean off in the night. At least I got a picture!

And of course, there’s lots more happening. I have tulips and hyacinths that won’t be far behind. And there are hints of the summer perenials everywhere.

I’ve definitely lost one of my roses, but since I moved them all in the fall, I can’t remember which it is. I suspect it’s Blue Girl – she wasn’t looking too great last year.

This little rose is doing quite well, despite the Cotton Candy Alium that’s trying to take over. When I did the moved, I thought I got all the alium bulbs up out of this spot – as you can see, I was very wrong. And now that the other tall plants that surrounded it were moved, and it’s getting more sun – it’s just gone crazy! When they are done blooming, I’ll try to dig them out and give that poor rose some more space.

The raspberry canes were starting to really bud up,

so I gave them their annual buzz cut

I never worry about chopping them down too much – I don’t think I could kill them if I tried. In another few weeks they will be leafed out and thriving! And almost back to the height before the hair cut!

And before I go, Sammy Jay finally got comfortable enough with me to come down to Squirrelington’s while I was watching.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that he’s perching on the side of the structure, not the little bench. Such a clever little Jay, making it work for himself!

I love nature!

7 thoughts on “April’s blooming!

  1. Araignee

    How exciting! Those first blooms are really a spirit lifter. I seem to have a nice progression of daffodils out there right now. Some are over and some are just blooming. I have no idea how I managed that but I like it.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    Early spring is just so beautiful! Great progress and photo of Sammy Jay. I did not realize raspberries were so hardy. What a great treat that will be when the berries are ripe.


  3. Val, I love nature too. I think that is why we love our animals (cats) so very much. I love seeing your yard. That Jay is a spectacular bird. The man in ou r area who is taking photos of a new pair of nesting eagles says he thinks they eggs will hatch soon!!!


  4. Good Morning Val! What gorgeous photos of your flowers. How fun to see everything coming to life again. Sammie Jay is a beautiful bird and I like how they all share the dining experience. The last picture is amazing. Thank you so much.


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