World traveler

I have been itching to cut fabric and start a new quilt lately. It’s always a sign that I need to sit back, take a deep breath, and finish one of the quilts I already have on the go.

The Around the World quilt only needed one more quadrant assembled before I could put the top together, so I decided to tackle it first.

With the bed already made, you may be wondering where my little ginger overseer was. Don’t worry…

He’s found a way to make a made bed work for him.

Despite his “help” the quadrant was together in no time.

I still had some time, so it was quickly added to the third quadrant.

And you can pretty much guess that I just went right ahead and added it to the first and second quadrants.

I could have left it there. With 256 HSTs, finished at 4″ each, it was already 64″ square. But you know I didn’t!

After a thin “palette cleansing” tone-on-tone border, and a thicker final border with cheerful sunflowers, I was finally ready to call this one done!

Or at least the top, anyway. It still needs to be quilted.

I’ve got this lovely dark country green for the back, and this pretty brown/gold floral for the binding.

NOW I can go cut something new!

9 thoughts on “World traveler

  1. Val, you are so good at completing and finishing really well. I hope to finish my poncho/shawl today or tomorrow . I have to be patient like you, and make the finish grand!!
    Love the squares one and all


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