Hey… it’s May!

How did that happen??? I don’t know about you, but April just flew by for me. To be fair, both work and house hunting have kept me pretty darn busy.

But I still make sure I take time to smell the flowers.

The spring bulbs are still going nice and strong, as expected.

Most of the colour is out back, because it gets the most sun. But I did take some time last weekend to clean out the front and side gardens and make sure everything was up to snuff.

And it is. Everything that’s supposed to be coming up is.

I moved this little Leopard’s Bane last year, and it seems to like it’s new spot. It’s about to bloom.

The black-eyed susans in the front garden have never been overly robust (again, not as much sun as they really need), but they have managed to reseed themselves – these little fuzzy leaves are coming up all over the place in that garden.

And my big, bold purple globe alium should be showing off by the end of the month! It’s always exciting to see them making their debut!

What’s promising in your garden?

6 thoughts on “Hey… it’s May!

  1. Araignee

    April did fly by didn’t it? My little deck pots are doing very well considering the crazy weather we’ve had. The rest of the yard is being nibbled away by deer. Oh, well…they gotta eat too.


  2. It’s hard to believe it’s May, but I’m happy it is. Next Saturday Dennis will begin the drive here. So far every flower I’ve put into the back yard has been eaten by the deer but the one pot in the front yard hasn’t been bothered.
    I hope your Saturday is lovely, with lots of quilting time.


  3. Our pussy willow and pussy toes are blooming, and the columbine are shooting up stalks for blooms soon. My cinnamon fern is growing, and I am delighted since I thought that I’d killed it last year!


  4. Shirley Elliott

    Black Eyed Susans are just wonderful! They are pretty hardy plants and survive in less than ideal conditions. The blackberry bushes are full of blooms here.


  5. Daffodils and my one tiny hyacinth are done, as are the viburnum. Dogwood is blooming now along with the lily of the valley which has just started. The rock rose has a few blossoms, but is just starting. It will be covered all summer.

    The clematis is climbing, the astilbe is up, but no flower buds yet. The peonies are up and have tiny buds. The black eyed susans and echinacea are back, but no buds yet.

    The star dogwood surprises me every year that it is still alive, but this week it came out with leaves. So yeah … it made it through another winter.

    It’s still pretty chilly here.


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