One of the great things about our upcoming move is the timing. We get the keys June 1 (Just eight more days!), but we keep our townhouse until July 31. (By law we have to give 60 days notice to vacate – and it’s 60 days to the term – i.e. end of month).

That means we can take our time. As soon as we knew we had the house, we started packing up stuff we wouldn’t need for a while.

In addition to packing, I’ve also been trying to organize things better BEFORE packing them, so that when we unpack, it will be easier to set things up nice and tidy right from the start.

A while back, I bought Dave a label maker. I decided to snitch it for a bit and can I just say… it’s a life changer!!!

All my fabric drawers got reorganized, tidied and labelled!

I got some nice big totes for my chunks of yardage and backing fabric.

I wish I had bought just one more, so I’ll watch for them to come on sale again.

I also got some smaller containers to for my scraps. I used to have these in varying sizes of cardboard boxes.

This is so much better!

And before I go – we did our final walk-through on the house. We found a few more things to add to our to-do list, but it’s an old house so that’s not surprising. I did want to share some better pics of some of that carpeting.

Two of the bedrooms have this type of carpet. It’s a shame it’s so ugly, because it’s actually in really good condition.

There’s some very frufru wallpaper throughout.

And talk about frufru…

My bathroom mirror has curtains!

12 thoughts on “Labelled

  1. Michelle Cooper

    It may be worth while investigating if the good carpet can be dyed. This probably needs a professional but check it out. Well done on sorting out your quilting fabric – will make life so much easier. Counting down!


  2. Araignee

    Oh good golly. That wallpaper is something else. Two of our neighbors have their houses on the market and I’ve been able to get a look inside thanks to Zillow. One is lovely. The other is a horror. It was remodeled recently by a single man and it sure shows. Even though all of it is new it is UGLY. All brown and drab from the kitchen cabinets to the dark tiled bathrooms that look like rock climbing walls. It sold though in just one day so I guess someone likes living in the 80’s.


  3. What a brilliant idea and the organization will be so nice with the totes. We had to pack virtually the enire house in 3 days. That led to things being thrown into boxes willy-nilly. I know you’ll appreciate the time you took with packing when unpacking in the new house.
    One thing I’ve learned after owning 5 houses in my lifetime, you will soon have things the way you like them. More or less. There will ALWAYS be something you would like to change.


  4. kayT

    I’m so sorry about the wallpaper. We bought a house where the living room had flocked wallpaper which had been painted over. We spent about six weeks (!) getting rid of that, layer by layer. Hope yours is a lot easier. And, personally I might keep the curtains on the bathroom mirror; I might be able to look at those instead of my wrinkles? Great job on the labeling!


  5. LOL Curtains on a mirror? Really? And pink ruffles? Good God!! The wallpaper reminds me of homes in Vermont in the 50’s and 60’s. Yikes!!!! Great job on the organization Val!


  6. Shirley Elliott

    I love your organization!!! If I remember correctly, you will have a dedicated sewing room in your new home. That will be awesome.


  7. I am so glad you have a relaxing time frame for the move. we had to close on our first home at 9 a.m. and close on the new house at 2 pm. Different states but only an hour and a half apart. It was a real circus. the movers were not nice people. Picture our little cars piles with belongings for overnight just in case there was a n issue on this end, and me with 4 cat carriers and unhappy kitties driving behind fireman’s vehicle. Oh it worked, but it was nuts


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