Spoke too soon

I know I just said I was hoping not to have to spend any more time in outdoor “waiting rooms” aka … my truck but then Dave went and chipped a tooth….

He could have driven himself, but he doesn’t really like driving any more. 15+ years of daily commuting through the worst congestion in the country has really taken its toll, and he doesn’t drive unless he absolutely has to. I commuted too – but for fewer years than him, so I really don’t mind driving. And I had the morning free anyway.

So while he was getting his tooth fixed, I was stitching

As a result, I’m through the leg and ready to start that heel! Woohoo!

7 thoughts on “Spoke too soon

  1. Araignee

    I hate driving anymore too. Hate it. I had an hour long commute each way on the DC Beltway for 20 years. That was enough for me too.


  2. Damn, a chipped tooth!
    Since remotely working for over a year, I hope that my company continues to allow me to mostly work from home; commuting…especially during the summer when there is construction on EVERY ROAD…is for the birds.


  3. Driving in congested traffic is stressful, so I avoid it whenever possible. I don’t visit my sister more than twice a year because I find the traffic nearly overwhelming. Great job on the second sock.


  4. Shirley Elliott

    Ugh for Dave but yay for your knitting progress. Hope everything went well and he is not in any discomfort. Second sock is looking great!


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