FO: Silla

Silla is finally done blocking, and has all her ends sewn in and buttons sewn on….

And you may be thinking she looks a bit different than you last remember. After I got the knitting finished, I just wasn’t 100% loving that green. And since I wasn’t keeping it for myself any more, it wasn’t really suited to the recipient. So, while I was dyeing up the last of the Fluffy Cat, I tossed it in a big bowl of blue dye.

Because of the green base, it came out this lovely, mottled teal. It’s a colour that will suit the recipient MUCH better. And it’s just perfect for the buttons I had picked out for it.

I bought these Abalone shell buttons from a bead store at least 10 years ago now. They’ve been sitting in my stash since then, just waiting for the right project.

Overall, this was a fun knit. The pattern is simple and easy to follow. Because it’s done on big needles (7mm), the fabric, even though it’s bulky, has a really nice drape. And it doesn’t feel heavy at all. I will definitely make one for myself, just as soon as things with the house settle. (Today is closing day, so no doubt, by the time you read this, I’ll be running around like a chicken with my head cut of, trying to get the keys!)

11 thoughts on “FO: Silla

  1. What an exciting day! A beautiful sweater finish AND you get a new house. Best wishes on the closing. Hope all goes well and ENJOY your new home!!!


  2. Araignee

    The sweater is lovely!
    Good luck with the closing. They are never fun but when they are over you get the keys to a big adventure! I love that feeling of walking into your new home for the first time when it is all yours. My mom walked into this house with me, took a hammer and knocked a big hole in the wall that we later took down to make one big living/kitchen area. I’ll never forget that moment. She shocked us but she was right. It needed to go.


  3. Beautiful finish and dyeing it made such a difference. Congratulations on receiving the keys to your future home.I know you and Dave will have fun making it your own.


  4. Shirley Elliott

    The sweater is just awesome!!! That color is wonderful and those buttons could not be more perfect. What a great gift for someone on your list. Congratulations on your new adventure! Looking forward to seeing how you make the house your home.


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