FO: Caiman socks

Yep. They are done already. I can hardly believe it myself. It feels like I just cast on.

It’s true that I had lots of sitting and waiting time that helped this pair along, but they still went much quicker than I expected.

I love this colourway. Although they look quite yellow here, they are actually more green in real-life – a real chartreuse.

I am so glad that Dave likes to wear “fun” socks. I wouldn’t make him nearly as many pairs if they all had to be boring grey, black or blue.

Although, the rest of his wardrobe is generally all black (black jeans, black shirts) and trying to get him to add any colour there is like pulling teeth.

So I’ll make the most of it with his socks.

This pair is now tucked away for his birthday in late July. I just have to make sure I remember which box I put them in when we move!

8 thoughts on “FO: Caiman socks

  1. Love them! Dennis likes the traditional brown, gray, black socks but Alex… Alex loves them and the wilder the better so I get to have fun then.
    I agree with marking the box well. Very few of my boxes are marked so it’s like Christmas when we open them. That’s what happens when you have help packing and only three days to do it all in!


  2. Yep. You need to keep them in a safe place. They turned out great.

    Steve will wear crazy socks too (within reason). He’s pretty conservative with his outer wear, but socks ……….almost anything goes.


  3. Araignee

    That was fast!! You can’t get more fun than those. I wish my sons liked wild socks. I’m getting pretty tired of gray, blue and black.


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