Mom just dyed. Again.

Just when I thought I was out… she keeps pulling me back in!

And although it looks like I’m talking about the black-market kidney selling business, it actually dyeing. As part of her personal quilting adventure, Mom has discovered ice-dyed mandalas.

Unfortunately, because it’s cotton, we can’t use any of the yarn dyes. Mom bought a little starter kit, and she’s been having an awful lot of fun.

But I must resist…. I’ve got way too much on the go right now.

8 thoughts on “Mom just dyed. Again.

  1. Shirley Elliott

    Your Mom’s results are just beautiful! I had just read about ice dyeing a few weeks ago but didn’t know anyone who had experimented with the process. I could really go down a rabbit hole with that. I imagine you are going to have too many moving/renovation projects to keep you from experimenting with it any time soon.


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