Squirrel friends

I have to say… the hardest part of this move isn’t the renovations, or the actual moving. It isn’t being two hours from everything we know…

It’s that I have to leave these guys behind…

The black squirrel in the background is Little Mama, and the grey one in front is Double Stuff. They are the most recognizable patrons at Squirrelingtons. Little Mama because she’s always missing fur (squirrels use their own fur to line their nests), and Double Stuff because he always take TWO peanuts. ALWAYS.

Knowing that I have to leave them behind, I’ve been trying to wean them off the restaurant. Dave took all the bird feeders down last month. And I’ve been slowly lessening the peanut supply. We’re now down to filling it up every other day (as opposed to twice a day when Squirrelington’s was at it’s busiest.).

But… on the days it’s empty… the above picture is what I see as soon as I step out. And those little pleading faces are breaking my heart!

I really wish I could bring these two with me!

9 thoughts on “Squirrel friends

  1. Araignee

    I feel your pain. That’s why we are stuck where we are. The outdoor kitties can’t be moved. I could trap them and release them where we go but that would be cruel and I might lose them. We haven’t had a real vacation in years either because of them. We’ve got no one to feed them if we are not here. The other critters would gobble up any food we left out for them.


  2. I was thinking about your squirrels just yesterday and wondering if they were being weaned from food. I don’t know why they popped into my head. I’m sure they’ll be fine and you’ll soon have a new group of patrons at Squirrelington’s who will have their own idiosyncrasies and you’ll soon love them too.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    Moving is hard on so many levels. Hopefully, the squirrels will be fed by the next occupants of the townhouse or neighbors.


  4. I know you’ve bonded with those lil ones. But you were wise to wean them . They are masters at finding food and they will be ok. I promise.
    Your house is looking like you are going to remake almost everything there. We had to do the same with our house 30 some years ago. It was worth it. But mask and all that. Some of those materials are just full of mold or have a tad of mold, but you don’t want it in your lungs!


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