Sewing keeps my garden growing

Last Monday saw the release of the June block for the flower QAL I’m joining with Coriander Quilts.

I managed to squeak in an hour or so during the week to make them. Not having any time to sew has been driving me crazy.

I tend to forget that my crafts are one of my stress relievers.

This will definitely be the last of the sewing, probably until August. After I finished these beauties off, I started packing up all the sewing stuff.

I think Burton was a little sad to see it all go in boxes. He really enjoys our sewing time.

But when it all comes out again, these beautiful will have a bigger room and lots of space to grow!

11 thoughts on “Sewing keeps my garden growing

  1. Shirley Elliott

    Those new blocks are just beautiful! Those flowers will be easy to move. Hope you are steadily making progress on the items on your to-do list.


  2. Beautiful blooms in the sewing room! I haven’t used the new lathe yet so I haven’t done any work at all and I am going crazy so I know what you mean! So exciting to think you will have designated space for sewing-what a treat!


  3. Araignee

    What sweet blocks!! I have so much stuff packed around my machines that I can’t sew at the moment either so I feel your pain. Until we get this kitchen finished and everything put back where it belongs the sewing room will have to be a very cramped storage locker.


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