Lilies make my heart sing

First – I apologize if you’ve asked a question on the last couple of blog posts and I haven’t responded yet. This week has mostly been, get up at 5:30 am, drive two hours to the new house, work until we’re too tired to work anymore, drive two hours home, collapse, get up and do it again.

After this weekend, things will slow down a bit and I’ll get to my email.

In the meantime, check out what’s happening in my garden…

You will recall that I am very fond of lilies (All kinds of lilies) and I have lots. I don’t have quite as many as a used to – for some reason, the ones in the backyard haven’t done well this year…

But the daylilies out front…

I just love all these happy orange blooms.

Down by the sidewalk

These pink stunners are greeting every one who walks by.

And around the side…

Big, bold orange!

Elsewhere in the gardens….

I’ve got lots of these orange/red Black-Eyed Susans blooming. It feels a little early to me for Susans… but I won’t complain.

The Echinacea is just starting to bloom but it’s right on time.

My passion flower, which lives inside as a house plant during the winter, is loving it’s warm summer vacation outside.

The Yarrow is just starting to bloom. The flowers will get deeper in colour, then lighten completely. It’s a fascinating flower.

And last…

I actually got to enjoy all three of those big, juicy red ones one night after working at the new house all day. It was a wonderful treat. I can’t wait to grow more there!

9 thoughts on “Lilies make my heart sing

  1. Shirley Elliott

    Your flowers are all so beautiful! I imagine anyone walking by your townhouse smiles at the beautiful yard. I am impressed that you manage to write a blog post. Sure it has been a brutal week. Your photos show so much progress.


  2. Araignee

    I was just saying to The Mister that I have never seen so many lilies and so many different colors in bloom all around town. There are some real beauties out there. Too bad I can’t grow them here. I’ve plenty of the orange ones I brought over from Dad’s but they never bloom.


  3. I love lilies, too!!! I have a tiger lily in bloom-so bold and beautiful! Soon your pace will slow down when you are actually in the new house–keep up the good work! Enjoy those berries!


  4. Your flowers are all stunning! I can’t believe all of the lilies this year. I’m seeing them everywhere, online and in gardens around town here. Another thing I can’t believe is that you’re finding time to even get online let alone photograph and post all of those beautiful photos. Don’t get yourself too exhausted in this heat. It just isn’t worth getting sick over. I’ve been praying for all of you that are working on your new home. It’s such a big job.


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