Wrapping it up.

This will be the last garden post from the townhouse.

I’ve pulled up everything I’m taking with me, and hopefully most of it takes well at the new house. I am leaving some stuff behind for the new tenants – the berry bushes, butterfly bush, and lilac. The daisies, coneflowers, and susans in the back yard are staying too. (there was more than enough of these to take some for myself and leave some behind.)

In the side garden I’ve left a mile of lily-of-the-valley, and black irises (and taken some too), and out front, there’s still plenty of orange daylilies to keep the front yard cheerful and welcoming.

I am bringing all of my fancy asiatic lilies with me. I love these classic white ones.

The echinacea (coneflower) is in full bloom. While some will stay, I’ve got a good chunk to come with me. It’s a wonderful butterfly magnet – I just couldn’t be with out.

The yarrow is showing off it’s nice dark pink shades now. Pollinators love this one. It comes in lots of colours, so I’m hoping to get more for the new place next year.

The butterfly bush is just starting to bloom, and I’m so glad I got to see her flower before we leave.

I’ve even had a monarch visitor already! This will be one of the first plants I buy for the yard – I’m thinking maybe a purple one!

My White Lighting rose bloomed. It’s coming with me. She’s my absolute favourite – she has the most amazing smell.

The raspberries are starting to ripen – just in time for me to enjoy a few before we’re gone. They are small this year, but still yummy. The neighbour at the new house has some – they are growing through the fence and hers are HUGE! I’ll put new bushes in there next year, and see how well I do with them.

The big success of the garden here has been the strawberries.

They’ve been big, abundant, and juicy! And I’ve managed to get most of them before our little yard critters. All of the strawberry plants are coming with me, an I can’t wait to build them a garden box just for them! I want miles of strawberry plants now that I have the room!

And last, I leave a little present from our Squirrelington patrons.

I didn’t plant and sunflowers this year, but I still got some! And who could object to such happy, cheerful interlopers. You can bet more will be planted yearly at the new house!

And while I’m a little sad to say good bye to this little space – I worked eight years to turn a barren yard into a little floral oasis – I’m very excited about the clean slate I have to work with at the new house! Onward and upward!

7 thoughts on “Wrapping it up.

  1. Araignee

    Moving is so bittersweet and you are right about moving forward being the best medicine. It’s going to be fun watching your progress in your new place. It will be another paradise in no time.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    So glad you have been able to transplant a good variety of your plants. They will be such a good start to your gardens. Those strawberries look so delicious. Even though you have been writing about moving for some time, it’s hard to believe that it is almost time for the movers. Good luck!


  3. Aw. I think you are sweet to leave some plants. I think we were not allowed to dig anything up from our property . We snuck one baby rose of sharon from Troy’s mothers original tree, but it died here. l
    WE have been here for 5 years and our woods and woodland gardens are just startin gto peak.


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