FO: Mr. Dress-up

Despite all the craziness of the last few weeks, I’ve tried to take a few minutes each day for me to decompress and do a little knitting. As a result, I finished up my Mr. Dress-up socks.

Because of the time of day that I finished them, it was hard to get a decent picture on the fence. So I decided modeled shots would be better. I took the socks off the blockers and sat down to put them on my feet…

Umm… thanks Relic.

Really Relic????

Well… despite Relic’s “help” I did manage to get a few decent shots.

To refresh your memory, the yarn was some Wollmeise leftover from the cardigan I made Paisley for Christmas. It had a nice semi-solid tone that was perfect for the pattern.

And now it’s official… all the knit stuff (needles, doodads, EVERYTHING) is packed. There will be no stitching for a few days. But as soon as things settle in after moving day – I’m cracking open those boxes and starting a new project!

12 thoughts on “FO: Mr. Dress-up

  1. Araignee

    Great finish! I’m going to have to do a big pack up again of all my craft stuff in the living room if those darn cabinets show up next week so I feel your pain. My upstairs craft room is so piled with things already it’s pretty much unusable now that the spinning stuff is back in there.


  2. RELIC! The star of the show today.

    The socks look great! I think you absolutely have to start a new project for the new house.

    Happy move day …………I’m guessing it is this weekend?


  3. How exciting for the big move to be here. I wish you calm and lots of fun as you settle into your new home and find places for everything. Relic has been missing his usual quota of attention hasn’t he? Love the socks too but you have to admit, he’s the centerpiece today! 🙂


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