It’s starting to look like a home again

As I mentioned yesterday, this past weekend was our last chance to work on the house before we move in. (As you are reading this, I’m probably in frantic packing mode).

When we started this crazy adventure, our plan was to redo almost the entire main floor before we moved in. Then a couple days after we took possession, we hit a small financial snag. Some money we were expecting was not going to materialize. So we scaled our plans back to finishing Dave’s studio, and the lower part of the living room which is where our TV and couch will live – the rest we could do as we could afford after we moved in.

Well.. as they tend to do, things snowball, small jobs become bigger…. and we are close… but no cigar!

Dave’s studio is the closest to being done. It just need a few spots touched up, primer, painting and floors. We should be able to finish it in short order after the move.

The living room, which once looked like this…

Currently looks like this.

Dad and Dave got all the drywall up, but I still have to do the seams. Then like the studio, it needs priming, painting and floors. If we get this done by the end of August, I will be a very happy girl!

So… that’s it until we move. Renos will still be all encompassing, I’m sure, but at least I won’t be driving two hours to do them!

7 thoughts on “It’s starting to look like a home again

  1. Araignee

    Welcome to my world. I’ve been living out of boxed since January 2020 and it’s not so bad. At least, hopefully, you won’t be hitting a snag like we did at the finish line. Constantly rearranging the mess gets old sometimes. I just did another clear out in hopes of seeing some action but I still think it was all for nothing. We’ll see. What you’ve done so far is amazing.


  2. I’ve lived in a ‘being renovated’ house my whole married life–it becomes a way of life!!! You will learn to be a jack of all trades so it gets done faster–I sure did! So happy for you–it will be wonderful to be in the house once and for all! So close!


  3. Shirley Elliott

    Even unfinished, the rooms look so much better! Once you are moved, you will have more flexibility to work on the house. Hope the move goes smoothly!


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