Moving day!

It’s officially here – Moving Day!!!

This one doesn’t know it yet, but he’s about to be boxed up and set on a new adventure. We’ve got a two-hour drive ahead of us with three caterwauling cats (the longest any of them have ever been in a vehicles is 30 minutes). It’s going to be fun!

I’ll report back from the other side as soon as I can!

10 thoughts on “Moving day!

  1. This is how it was with us. I had the 4 cats in my car, trai1ing the truck .. For 2 hours. Then an hour at the c1osing 1ocataion. It was so hot. Ikept running out to turn the a/c o for a few. Good 1uck. Sending the best vibes


  2. kayT

    Oh the memories. Only 2 hours? Try 2 days! We traveled from CA to TX with a cat who meowed the entire way. Loudly. I was in the car with him and DH was in the truck ahead of us. I called him on the phone every so often so he could enjoy the caterwauling. Because why should I have all the fun?


  3. Shirley Elliott

    I hope the move goes very smoothly! The cats are going to love their new home and garden. It is going to be interesting to watch your progress as you restore your home. Congratulations and good luck!


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