Attack of the fuzz burritos…

Yesterday I mentioned that Mom didn’t help out with the move. She was busy elsewhere.

Something has been happening in the background that I haven’t told you about. Several weeks back, Jem had a “date” with a Labrador up the street named Hank.

And as a result, our little Jem was pregnant (don’t worry, it was a planned pregnancy). Breeding Jem is something Dad has had planned since he brought her home.

When I booked the moving truck and told Dad the date, the first thing he said was “That’s the day my puppies are due! I might not be able to help.”

Of course, we all know babies are rarely born on their due date, so I wasn’t too concerned. And we could manage without his help if we had to.

Well… the day before we moved, I asked Mom how Jem was doing, and she said she was pretty sure she was getting ready to give birth. I checked in before I went to bed that night, and there was still nothing.

But… when I went to pick my brother up from Mom and Dad’s on moving day…

There was a pile of fuzzy, squealing little burritos! Jem started giving birth in the wee hours and kept Mom (and Rowan and Jenn who came to help with the move) up all night as they kept watch over her.

Dad did help us move (he’d gotten some sleep, unlike Mom), and while we were moving, Jem produced a couple more!

All tolled, there are nine! (Three yellow, six black). And two girls, with seven boys).

Jem is a very proud mama. As soon as I sat down infront of her nesting box – she picked one up and plopped it in front of me, as if to say “Look what I made!”

I’ll keep you all posted with pictures as they get bigger (and cuter!)

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