Jem and her little jewels

I know you are all interested in how things at the house are coming along… but what you REALLY want is…

…. PUPPIES!!!!!!

After finishing up at the townhouse on Thursday (and yes, we are absolutely finished – no more driving back and forth!!!!), I did do a quick stop by Mom and Dad’s. I had to wait for a prescription to be filled (we haven’t switched pharmacies yet), and that just seemed like a good place to wait!

Jem and her babies are doing fantastic. They are all gaining weight and Mom has already secured homes for four of them (all three yellows and one black). Jem herself is finally settling down and letting them be handled more, making it much easier for Mom and Dad.

These pictures are of them at five days old. You can see by Mom’s hands how small they are. Today they officially one week old. Mom says they will be going to their new homes at eight weeks.

Their nesting box is in a dimly lit corner of the diningroom. That, coupled with the fact that they are wiggly little things makes them hard to photograph well. Especially the black ones.

In another week, their eyes and ears will start to open, and will get much more mobile. Right now they just kind of squirm around on their bellies or sides until they get where they want to be.

You can see a short video I took of the pups nursing here.

And just so you know… not EVERYONE is thrilled with the new housemates.

Poor Winnie is missing her playtime with Jem. But only seven more weeks… it’s gonna go fast!

7 thoughts on “Jem and her little jewels

  1. So sweet and so TINY! Glad Jem and the babies are doing well. I know it is a lot of work, but your Mom and Dad sure will miss them when they go to their new homes.

    Poor Winnie!


  2. I can imagine the little grunts and whimpers of the puppies as they squirm around Jem. Soon, they will become more mobile. Winnie does not look pleased with the addition of the puppies.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    How adorable!!! I cannot imagine parting with them in seven weeks. Winnie will probably be glad to see them go to new homes.


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