Wrapping time

With a little help from Rupert, I’ve been stitching away every night on Cherry Blossom Wrapture.

And I’m very pleased with our progress so far.

I have two needles of the required size, so I’m building both sides out, more or less at the same time. I add a pair of logs to one side, then turn it around and add a pair to the other side. This just helps my brain envision the finished size better than working one side at a time.

I’m also sticking with the flower lace pattern for both the burgundy and green logs. The pattern gives you the options of a different pattern you can alternate, but I just really prefer the flower pattern. It’s going to look even better blocked out.

If I can continue at this pace, I’m well on track to finish by my self-imposed deadline of mid-September.

9 thoughts on “Wrapping time

  1. Love all those colors together – that will be such a pretty wrap. It’s an interesting construction…not sure I can wrap my head around it this early in the morning – LOL


  2. Shirley Elliott

    Cherry Blossom just gets prettier with each row. Such great colors and they make me think of fall. It looks like you will have this one done ahead of your deadline.


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