For the birds… and Rupert

I mentioned last week that Rupert has taken over the cat tree in one of the big front windows.

I used to wake up every morning with him tucked up behind my legs… but no more. Morning is prime birding time! As soon as dawn breaks, Rupert is on duty on the tree.

So, as planned I went out and got a big hook to hang a feeder out front for him.

I won’t get to landscaping the front yard until next spring, so the pole looks kind of silly just plunked there with nothing around it but whacked weeds (which I have to whack WEEKLY… I can’t wait to turn that to garden!).

And, as you can see, the pole holds two feeders. I had the wooden feeder sitting empty, but my other cage feeder is out back just outside the catio (Burton likes it when the finches come by). So while I was buying the paint for the studio, I grabbed another feeder.

A little camp kettle! Isn’t it cute? Rupert’s been loving it! In fact, he’s barely been in the bed all week.

And though I’m supposed to be sticking to a budget, a couple other things jumped in the cart while I was there…

This cute little watermelon cushion was just $2!!!! I can’t make something for that! The rocker has become Dave’s spot on the sun porch. He likes to come out with me every now and again and enjoy a cigar there as the sun goes down.

And this little guy was more than $2, but he was too cute. He just followed me home… I swear.

I don’t have a plant for him yet, but I think he’s pretty happy to be here! Next grocery day, I’ll probably pick up something green and leafy at the grocery store.

It’s the little things that make me smile. What’s making you smile today?

11 thoughts on “For the birds… and Rupert

  1. Araignee

    Those are some fun feeders! I wish I had room for a kitty tree. I know my shy guy kitty would love it.
    What’s making me happy today is NOT having to go anywhere. I’ve been running all over for the past few days. I am not used to that much social interaction and it wore me out. I’ve got to get all my visiting in before my vaccines wear out. They are telling us we need boosters now. Ugh.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    It sure looks like Rupert is keeping an eagle eye on whatever is happening outside. You have provided great entertainment with some cute feeders. I am smiling because I stitched the binding on a quilt before turning on my computer. Now I can listen to an audiobook and stitch down the binding (inside where I control the temperature).


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