Munchkin madness

It’s that time of the years when the girls invade Mom’s house again for the week.

Though I can’t really call them munchkins any more. Miss Rowan is 13 and taller than me already, and Miss Paisley got her driver’s license last month, and turns 18 at the end of the year! I suppose they are now the Madamoiselles!

This is the first years I haven’t been close enough to partake in the fun, and it feels weird.

Not only have they gotten to play with the puppies (more details on that tomorrow), on a daily basis, they’ve already ice-dyed t-shirts without me!

The week was pretty much just a t-shirt dyeing factory from the looks of it. They did a new one almost every day.

Pretty darn fabulous!

As you read this, they are either on their way here, or already here. While it’s not exactly on their way home, they are taking a detour to make it so. I don’t know how long they will stay, but we’ll make the most of it!

10 thoughts on “Munchkin madness

  1. Enjoy ’em while they’re young, says dad. Those shirts are the coolest! We love Burton’s microwave-watching in your previous post, too. Happy weekend, y’all.


  2. Araignee

    Oh my gosh…the got so big! It’s been fun watching them grow up and a bit sad that they did it so fast. Those shirts are gorgeous! What brilliant colors.


  3. I know what you mean about kids growing up fast…my nephew and his wife just had twins, meaning I now have ten…count ’em…TEN grand nieces and nephews.
    Auntie Me is feeling rather old today…


  4. Shirley Elliott

    They definitely are not *munchkins* anymore! They and their t-shirts are just beautiful. They really created some great designs on the shirts. What fun and too bad you couldn’t participate. Great that they are detouring by to see you today. Hope it is a wonderful visit.


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