Adieu August

I know Relic… where the heck to did August go??? To be honest, the whole summer just flew by. But it certainly was a hot one. I’m definitely looking forward to some cooler temps and slower days in September. Maybe then, I’ll finally get a chance to give my “gardens” a little attention.

Even so, left to their own devices, things are doing okay out there. The plants continue to put down new roots, including the roses, which are starting to put up new leaves – a sure sign they are happy.

The Physostegia is still going strong

She’s a great bit of late-season of colour, and will be even prettier next year.

The sedum continues to bloom.

While I had several clumps of sedum at the townhouse, I only brought one. It will spread fairly quickly and is easy to break up . It’s also very easy to find at the garden centres if I decide I need more. (I wouldn’t mind a few different shades)

It looks like I will get some late-season strawberries.

They have obviously taken well to their new home.

And my Hibiscus continues to give me a new bloom every day or so.

I only got to enjoy the blooms on the butterfly bushes for a short while. Just Royal Red has a few left and they are almost done.

And last, I couldn’t resist these $4 Chrysanthemums at the grocery store (Dave’s fault – he made me go to pick up something he’d run out of and didn’t put on the grocery list!)

I did bring my white one and my burgundy one from the townhouse, but they won’t bloom for a little while yet. These new ones will be planted somewhere in the yard, I just haven’t quite decided where yet.

10 thoughts on “Adieu August

  1. Araignee

    I love seeing all the shelves of mums lined up outside the shops right now. It means fall is on the way. It is still miserably hot here. We broke all kinds of weather records this summer and now Ida will pass over us tomorrow bringing more tropical heat and humidity. Whoopee.


  2. Your plants are doing amazing Val. My flower pots are “toast” after being gone so long. Dennis’s Mom had wanted to water them for me so we put them on her patio to make it easier to remember. When we picked them up last night they were so dry the soil was pulling away from the sides of the pots. I’m going to try to revive a few of them but the others will just be thrown out.
    Love Relics picture. I’m sure the cats are enjoying the catio very much.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    What a wonderful photo of Relic! It looks like he was posing for you. Your plants have done exceptionally well with being moved so recently. It’s too miserably hot and humid to enjoy being outside here but the flowers have just thrived this summer. There are signs that summer is winding down and I am eagerly awaiting fall weather.


  4. Re1ic 1ooks transfixed outside. Your month made your cats so happy!!! Beauty beauty gardens shares!!!!! My stonecrop has yet to show its co1ors. I’m waiting. The echinacea are a feast for the go1dfinches. The grasses we moved need to have water tomorrow! Everything needs water……again


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