Friday felines

“He’s right behind me, isn’t he?”

These two continue to crack me up on a daily basis. Gone are they days of hating on each other. I wouldn’t say they are bonded, but they have definitely come to some sort of agreement where they are fine with the other’s existence.

Rupert continues to be insanely jealous if he sees Relic getting any sort of attention. He’ll push his way right in to make sure he gets some too. But for the most part, they just co-exist.

But every once in a while, this happens.

It’s not often, and unlike this picture, it’s usually AFTER we’ve gone to bed. I’ll come down to get water or something and see them – and as soon as Rupert knows he’s been spotted, he usually gets up and leaves.

But the other night, Relic and I were on the couch, watching TV, and Mr. Ginger just pushed his way right in and settled down. They stayed like that for a couple hours until I got up to go to bed.

And of course, the size difference still amazes me.

8 thoughts on “Friday felines

  1. Araignee

    That first photo is hilarious. I’ve got the same thing happening with my two inside males. It’s funny to watch their antics unless it is 2 am like it was last night.


  2. Oh what sweet pictures, especially the one of Relic in the first one. I miss having kitties, but puppies are pretty good too. I have both little girls today because Mandy had to be gone all day. Lizzie is too little to be left all day without potty breaks. It’s not a hardship. I love both of them equally and they LOVE playing together.


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