Rosie days

I didn’t expect to see any rose buds this year.. but wouldn’t you know it – Honey Perfume and White Lightning decided to surprise me!

I’m especially thrilled about White Lightning. She’s such a beautiful rose and has a really amazing scent. Honey Perfume does too, but White Lightning is just that much stronger! There are several more buds coming (she’s a pretty prolific bloomer once she gets going).

Elsewhere, my yellow mini rose is thriving. And though I should’ve waited until I see how she manages through the winter… I just couldn’t.

These two little guys were just $4 each last grocery day. They are now beside yellow, creating a happy, mini rose wonderland inside the catio! They may get moved, come spring (if they survive), but for now the cats and I are enjoying the blooms!

8 thoughts on “Rosie days

  1. Patty Andrews

    Your roses are beautiful! Maybe I should give roses another try. Now that I’m retired maybe I won’t kill them since I have more time. When we moved to this home the former owners had a yellow and red rose bush. They died. I’m still learning to garden but you have given me hope.


  2. They are such pretty roses. I should try roses here, but if future summers are similar the the last one, I don’t think I’ll be able to be outside taking care of them much.
    I’ll just enjoy the photos on your blog! Now, could you mail me some of the scent? 🙂


  3. Hey Val I am so delighted that my roses bloomed I didn’t even think about how a scent. would be very cool to have.! I’m thinking now about taking the 3 pots of roses that I have and cutting them back and putting it in the shed with compost around them to over winter them.


  4. Araignee

    How lovely! I was just noticing that the roses down at the marina seemed to have gotten a second wind. They were blooming like crazy again with lots of buds.


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