Weekend warriors

First, thank-you for all the Thanksgiving wishes. It was a very good weekend. Dave spent half the weekend with his Grandma, helping out around her place. While he was gone, Dad came to help me around here on Saturday.

Dad hadn’t been here since the puppies were born, so it was nice to be able to show him some of the progress we’ve made. I got some trailer lessons, and we hauled a load of tree branches and brush off to the dump. They’ve been sitting in the trailer since July, so it was nice to finally get rid of them. When we got back, I bbq’d us up some lunch (just hamburgers) while he took a sawsall to the overgrown, neglected shrubs out front.

Come spring, that area will be completely revamped and replanted with perennials. Think coneflowers, and susans and more!

By Sunday morning, Dave was home. We ran out to Sarnia in the morning to buy a used snowblower. Come afternoon, while he fiddled around in the basement, I tackled the living room.

Yes! We are finally at the painting stage. That’s the only pic I’m going to share with you for now. You’ll see more when we get the floor in (which will hopefully happen this weekend!). I can tell you the colour is Frog Green and it’s just got me hoppin’. I love it! I’ve ordered an area rug, and a new curtain rod. Come payday I’m going to hop on out to Home Depot to get a mini blind for the front window. Let me tell you… it’s so nice to have this all finally coming together.

Of course, there’s still loads to do on the house, but Dave and I agreed, unless something is falling down, we are going to take the winter to get our finances back in order and then start again on the house come spring.

It’s not like I don’t have a million crafts to keep me busy on those cold, snowy days!

10 thoughts on “Weekend warriors

  1. Agreeing with Dee – you two have made so much progress and have worked/slaved tirelessly on the house. A well deserved break will be nice. I can’t wait to see your livingroom pictures though!! and that front area will be gorgeous next year with flowers!!


  2. Araignee

    Snowblowers…..snow……just the thought. It’s still so hot and muggy here I’m wondering if winter will ever come but I know it will and I’ll be complaining about the cold. Right now I’ve got the AC on blast.
    I love your green paint. It is so much fun seeing things come together. I am almost at the stage in the kitchen were I am having fun with it. Almost.


  3. How fun to be at the painting stage. I agree with everyone. You two have been going flat out and taking the winter off will be good for more than just your finances. The front area will be gorgeous with the flowers. Spring will be so nice. I’m enjoying fall though and hoping it will last a few more months at least! 🙂


  4. The cleared area in the front is perfect for a flower bed. With your Green Thumb, the plants will be flourishing by summer. Taking a Winter break is a smart decision. Not only can you replenish the bank account, but it gives you time to “live” in the house and plan your next projects.


  5. Shirley Elliott

    What an accomplishment to have the room ready to paint. You are acquiring all kinds of new skills. Love the color of the paint for the room. It’s not too green on my monitor but has a yellow cast to it. The front area will look fantastic with the plants your envision.


  6. jatshaw

    You two are amazingly hard workers, and certainly do deserve some time off. I know though that you have lots of other projects to keep you busy during the coming winter! I’m thinking of planting some of the same perennials in the spring also. Anything else you can recommend?


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