FO: Cloudburst

Another day… another gift knocked off the Christmas list.

These are for my Sister-in-Law, the girl’s mother, Jenn. The pattern is Cloudburst (not mine), another freebie that was a very fun knit.

I used some leftover Alley Cat (colourway is Peony) It’s a nice semi-solid that really lets the lace shine on these.

And before you get too excited… no, I didn’t finish these in just two days. I schedule my blog posts ahead of time. Paisley’s Elphaba mitts from Monday were actually finished on October 12. This pair was cast on the same day, and finished on the 18th.

Now I’ve got just one more pair of fingerless mitts to make for the holidays, and I can move on to other knits!

11 thoughts on “FO: Cloudburst

  1. That’s it! Those are the ones I’m going to knit for my granddaughter! Thanks so much Val. And it’s good to know you didn’t actually knit them in one day. I was starting to feel really S-L-O-W. 🙂
    Love the color you chose too.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    Those mitts are just beautiful! Love the color and the design. You are accumulating a wonderful collection of gifts for family and friends.


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