Living it up

FINALLY!!!! I can show you a (mostly) finished living room. I got tired of waiting for Dave to have time to help me move the furniture, so when he went to his Grandma’s last weekend, I did it myself.

The recliner is heavy enough, but let’s not talk about moving a sofa-bed by yourself, never mind my antique radio! Still, with much huffing and pufffing, I managed it. And here is the result.

If I’m remembering my measurements correctly, the room is about 13.5′ x 13.5′. A nice cozy size for the two of us. There are still things to be done – baseboard and cove trim, as well as a new window and window trim, but like Dave’s studio, it’s about 98% complete.

I absolutely love my cheery green walls. To be honest, it’s a little more eye-popping than the plan I had in my head. But I love it! Wit the dark toned furniture, and all my plants, I really think it’s the perfect shade.

The flooring is the same as Dave’s studio, and is much darker than I wanted, but I have to admit, it goes well with the furniture. Especially the radios. You can see my 1937 RCA Victor in the corner (Dave made me take the plants off it as soon as he got home). Under the TV is a 1950s Philco console. It’s another of Dave’s restorations and it has a radio and a turntable (both work). In the townhouse, it was hidden away in his studio. It’s nice to have a place to display it properly as he did such a beautiful job on the restoration.

And speaking of that TV. When we were dithering about putting an offer on the house (well Dave was dithering, I knew this was our house), one of the things I promised Dave was that he could upsize our TV. In the townhouse, we had a 37″ but Dave wanted bigger. The townhouse living room was too small for anything bigger, but I said if we got this house, he could go as big as he wanted. Happily, he stuck to a reasonable 50 inches. (Though I know he really wanted 72″).

Because we had to hang drywall anyway, Dave took advantage of the opportunity to run speaker wires for the surround system behind it, and install a conduit to house all the TV/Internet/Component cables. The little bit of wire you can see at ground level will all be hidden by baseboard. The system looks wireless, but actually isn’t! He’s very proud of that.

I do laugh when I look back and think that we expected to have all this done BEFORE we actually moved in (within two months). If we’d hadn’t had the long commute, other projects, and day jobs… we could have done it. Instead, it took us six months. But sitting here, in a room that’s coordinated and all mine… is a wonderful reward for all that work!

Here’s a little before and after

And here’s the journey that got us here…

Now I settle in for a winter of (mostly) quiet. The chaos can begin again in the Spring.

12 thoughts on “Living it up

  1. Araignee

    What a bright sunny spot to spend the winter! That green is so cheery and inviting. I was just thinking about old radios because I am hooked on 40’s music and the station I listen to sometimes does the hum that the old ones had while they warmed up and I love it. I am so sorry the family pitched all my grandma’s radios. I would have loved to have the one I used to play with all the time that was in her living room.


  2. kayT

    Looking at the room when painted but not furnished I thought the green was too much. But with the furniture it’s perfect, even with the sun shining in. This is a lovely room with some old and some new and will be comforting to be in all the time. Nice Job!


  3. Patty Andrews

    What a transformation! It looks so cozy and inviting.
    What’s up with men and their tv’s? It used to be who could catch the biggest fish and now it’s “who has the biggest tv”!!! I’m afraid to think what size my husband will get when his tv eventually dies.


  4. Val it looks wonderful! It’s so cheery and inviting and will be perfect on those cold winter days of knitting and movie watching. Paint never turns out the color I expect from the chip. The transfer to the walls is always surprising to me. 🙂 Your’s is perfect though with the pretty plants and darker furniture. You have gotten SO much done since you moved in and all while still working and making quilts. Hurray!


  5. Melissa

    That green is amazing! It really brightens the room. Congratulations to you and Dave may you and Burton, Rupert and Relic enjoy many happy years in the “new” home.


  6. Fantastic job! Next time use a heavy blanket when moving furniture by yourself. Wiggle the piece to be moved onto the blanket and then pull the blanket wherever you want the furniture. It worked great for me many times. Enjoy your “new” living room.


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