10 thoughts on “Friday felines

  1. Patty Andrews

    It may be crowded but I always think of the warmth! I’m always cold in the winter so it’s nice to have at least one of my cats cuddle. Maybe if I got a recliner my other two cats would join me 🙂


  2. We got a huge recliner when I had my hip replacement because I couldn’t get in our high bed. It was the favorite spot for the old dog, so sometimes I had to jockey for the seat area. LOL! But he would move to the foot rest area so I could get in the chair.


  3. Yep. About 15 years ago we had three pets that are now gone across the rainbow bridge. It was hilarious. I would be in the chair knitting and a cat, (George), would be across my shoulders, the dog, (Annie) was on my lap, and another cat, (Luci), was on my lower legs. I literally could not move. I loved every second of it. It happened every evening. They were all such good friends and I miss each of them, but they sure loved that recliner.


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