Guest appearance

This weekend I had a visit from a very special friend. By the wonderful kismet of pure chance, Aneesha and I both had a free weekend. Dave was headed off to his Grandma’s for the weekend, and I had no house-related tasks, and the bachelorette party Aneesha was supposed to be attending was postponed.

So she came here and we had a pizza party!!!!

Other than a brief driveway visit in late fall 2020, we haven’t seen each other since the summer of 2019. We had so much fun (and talked our faces off) that I didn’t take many pictures. I did manage to get pictures of our wonderful pizza creations…

I taught her how to make pizza dough, and we stuff our faces on fresh from the oven pie. (I use this recipe)

After pizza, we indulged in one of my favourite desserts.

Cherry cheese pie (recipe here). I don’t make it very often, because Dave’s not a fan. If I make one, I usually end up eating the whole thing myself, and that’s not a good idea. I sent half of it home with her.

By Sunday morning, my tummy was full, my throat was sore, and my lips chapped from talking so much, but it was worth every minute!

9 thoughts on “Guest appearance

  1. Araignee

    Oh, yum! I know just what you mean about a sore throat. I hardly see anyone anymore and when I do I just can’t shut up. I talk until my throat is raw.


  2. I’m so glad you got to visit with your friend. It’s necessary. It really is. The pizza and pie look delicious. I’m so glad that you had such a great time. You’ve worked so hard that you completely earned a weekend of fun and girl talk.


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