Friday felines

Can you tell…

.… which cats don’t like to get their pawsies-wasies wet???

Our weather has been up and down lately. When it’s really cold, everything is frozen and these two won’t even go outside. But as soon as it gets above freezing, the catio is mudhole, and they just hang out on the garden cart.

As soon as spring comes, the catio green space is getting a revamp. I’ll have to be sure to include some areas that stay high and dry!

11 thoughts on “Friday felines

  1. Araignee

    My two indoor/outdoor won’t go out at all if it’s wet which means they’ve been in more than out the last week or so and driving me crazy like it’s my fault everything is covered in snow.


  2. Patty Andrews

    Here in northern Illinois our weather has been up and down too. Driving my sinuses nuts!!!
    Your cats are so beautiful. I love how Relic is looking at the camera and Rupert will always have my heart. That little fella is so darn cute!


  3. Going through a winter with the catio is great. It will give you lots of good ideas of what you want to do to make it a happy place for the cats. I love how they don’t want their paws wet. I don’t like it either! We have freezing rain today turning to snow. Yuck!


  4. Shirley Elliott

    I love how they are both sitting on their shelves and not getting their paws wet. It will be so nice to be able to customize the green area of the catio for their enjoyment.


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