What’s up buttercup?

Ok… I lied a little yesterday…. it’s not too early to plant indoors….

January to March are always the hardest time of the year for me. I spend so much time thinking about playing in my gardens, and there’s NOTHING I can do but dream.

I have to find other ways to channel my urge to grow, and the other week, the grocery store offered up a solution.

They had several little “grow” boxes of different plants – Cala lilies, Mums, and a few others. Including Ranunculuses.

Ranunculus, also known as Persian Buttercup, is a gorgeous little flower. They can’t overwinter outside here, but they are supposed to do well in pots. I tried once before but didn’t have any luck. The boxes were only a few dollars, so I figured it was worth another try.

They had a few colours, but I picked this pretty apricot. I followed all the directions, and it’s sitting under my grow light now. Here’s hoping I see a sprout or two in a few weeks.

8 thoughts on “What’s up buttercup?

  1. Michelle Cooper

    A great find! Here ranunculas are often planted with anemones, giving a lovely Spring display regardless of the garden bed’s size. Happy planning and growing!


  2. Araignee

    I get the itch to grow things this time of year too but I learned my lesson last year when I couldn’t even grow some tomatoes on the deck. They grew but were so taken over by bugs I couldn’t even use them. I wish I had the room for one of those big grow box things my son has all over his house. He grows the most amazing veg right in his home office and garage. No bugs.


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