Tiny needle Tuesday

I had a very productive Stitchy Saturday and Sunday night, and now my house has a little lawn and a tree

If you’re paying attention from last week, you’ll notice that I changed the pattern up a bit. The pattern has trees on both sides. In real life, we only have a tree on the left side of the house. It’s a big purple Norway maple, so I gave it nice dark purple leaves.

The other side I left open for the date. The original pattern only recorded the year, but I wanted to put the full date of the very first day we became homeowners.

Now all that’s left are the vines and the sampler letters. Can I finish it in one more weekend…? Hard to say. Time will tell, I guess

11 thoughts on “Tiny needle Tuesday

  1. …and YOUR roof matches all the way across. Mine doesn’t. LOL I made a boo boo and it wasn’t noticed until after framing.

    I think it says the perfect thing about my house. . . lovely, but a bit wonky.

    I also changed my trees ….red maple on the right and DOGWOOD on my left. That is the best part of cross stitching. You can change it to how YOU like it.


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