Ring around the hemlock

Although I’ve had the new longer needle for the Hemlock Ring blanket for a while now, I wanted to get Wren’s bolero out of the way first. It’s blocking now, so I finally picked up where I left off with Hemlock Ring.

It still doesn’t look like much – just a big pile of blue fluff.. but it is going to be beautiful when it’s all stretched out. Sadly, the rounds take FOREVER now. I’m not far from the finish line in terms of rounds, but there’s a lot of stitches between here and there, and every four rounds it increases! Still, I’m aiming to get this one off the needles by next weekend.

Then I have to find a floor big enough to block it on…. yikes!

8 thoughts on “Ring around the hemlock

  1. That is going to be so beautiful. It will be fun to see it blocked or blocking. 🙂 Isn’t it weird that, no matter how much we love knitting, endless rows are torture? We get such a feeling accomplishment with each row completed.
    Blessings and hugs,


  2. jatshaw

    That sure looks like it’s going to a lovely blanket. Congrats for doing it! The biggest blankets I’ve ever made were for babies; anything else looks daunting to me. Looking forward to seeing the finish.


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