Tiny needle Tuesday

We start this tiny needle Tuesday with a conundrum:

My sister-in-law’s (Jenn) birthday is fast approaching. And I have pretty much made her everything under the sun I could think of of the last 20 or so years… hats, mitts, cardigans, socks, cowls, quilts, bags, pillows,… and anything I haven’t made her (place mats come to mind), her daughters or Mom have. It’s gotten very hard to craft for her!

So I put my thinking cap on and realized, I’ve never cross-stitched anything for her. I messaged Miss Paisley, and together we came up with something we think her Mom will love.

This weekend, I started stitching:

I’m not going to show you what the finished project will look like, because I think it will be a fun surprise for you all. But I can tell you it’s a wreath of flowers/leaves with a fun saying in the centre.

I’ve got quite a ways to go on it, but I’m pretty confident I can get it done by Jenn’s birthday (on March 17th)

In other stitchy news. I’m not the only one who’s started cross-stitching again. Seeing my projects inspired Mom to pick up the tiny needle again. She made us both cute little project keepers to help keep our projects tidy when not in use.

And in typical Mom fashion, she filled it with a bunch of stitchy doodads. Including this VERY handy needle minder

Which is absolutely fantastic because I am forever losing needles and Dave is terrified of stepping on one. He cringes every time he sees me with a needle in hand or the pincushion out. But back to that project keeper

It fits my largest hoop perfectly and keeps everything safe from prying paws!

8 thoughts on “Tiny needle Tuesday

  1. Araignee

    Your mom has to be the craftiest person on the planet. When she goes in, she goes all in. You are so lucky! That project bag is amazing. I watch a lot of Floss Tube and know making those are a cottage industry these days but I have to say that one is top notch.


  2. Prying paws! I just love that.
    My husband wears slippers — probably because I drop pins and needles all over the place.
    Sometimes I buy people gourmet food gifts because I can’t craft fast enough!


  3. I adore that project bag. So handy to keep all of your things in one place. I have looked in all of our local stores for a stitch minder but haven’t found one yet. I’m going to resort to Amazon soon because I too, started a new project this week. It’s a birth announcement for our new granddaughter who is due next month.
    Poor Lord Burton. He doesn’t know what to do with cross stitch. Quilts he can give an informed opinion on, but not cross stitch. 🙂


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