Little mermaids

Sunday afternoon saw Burton and I in the studio again. Since we’re still waiting on that white fabric, we had to get creative with our sewing.

I pulled out a small fat quarter pack I’d bought a while ago and got cutting.

This is a very simple pattern, and to be honest, I’m surprised I didn’t think of it sooner. Before I was blogging, I dabbled with a few quilts (baby quilts for friends) and with my limited skills, it was always my go-to layout.

And it’s funny, as your skills increase, it’s very easy to forget that there’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple now again again. Not only did this layout require no white background fabric, it’s the perfect kind of thing for large print fabrics like those mermaids

And even with cutting, this one goes together super fast. I started around noon and was done before three.

Beautiful in its simplicity!

And that coral solid around the border was total kismet. It’s from Tula Pink’s line, and I’d added it to a recent order from Lens because it was on sale. The online image made it look like a deep, but soft orange. I should have known better though – Tula’s fabrics are BRIGHT! I was a little dissapointed when I got it, but knew I’d find something to use it with.

And it obviously didn’t take long. It was just perfect to add a touch more width to this. It’s only 34″ square, and I had to keep it small. I had a special piece of flannel in mind for the back….

It was a clearance find, and there was only one yard of it, but that’s just enough for the back of a small baby quilt! The colours were too perfect to pass up. And look – more of those fishies for will work for the binding!

(What is with this ocean theme I’m on?)

Hopefully my bolt of white fabric will be here soon and can get back to my other quitls in progress!

10 thoughts on “Little mermaids

  1. Araignee

    That is fun! It reminds me of the Kaffe Fassett quilt I have stashed in my brain that I want to use my collection of fabric on. He posted a photo of it a while back and I was in love. There is no white or clearly defined blocks either. It’s just a riot of color made from simple squares-like yours!


  2. Shirley Elliott

    Trip around the world is a fun quilt. It always takes me more time to select and cut fabrics than actually sew the squares together. That is a cute baby quilt.


  3. Three hours??? It would take me three months! I’m in love with the fabrics in this one. The coral is perfect, like it was made for this quilt and these fabrics. And that flannel backing with the mermaids. Love. Some little girl will have this quilt for the rest of her life. Lord Burton did well.


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