Hot tamales!

For a while now, Mom and I have been talking about making some smaller-ticket items for the shop. One thing we’ve been talking about doing is making some simple placemats.

The other day, I had some time so I grabbed a charm pack from the stash.

It was called Chili Smiles, and I bought it for no other reason than it was darn cute! I had no plans at the time and this seemed like the perfect use for it.

The idea for these placemats is really simple – just six squares sewn together, and then surrounded with a border. It’s the perfect way to show off some really fun fabrics!

And it doesn’t get any more fun than these prints!!!!

I had a few charm squares left, so I put together a little pinwheel for a hot plate holder.

These will all get quilted and bound, and then be ready for the shop sometime next month! Stay tuned!

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