Every free evening I’ve had lately has been devoted to knitting Hemlock Ring

And thanks to a little help from my friends, I finally got it off the needles. And let me tell you… that cast-off row was a killer. For every four stitches worked, you’re adding six more and then casting them off. It was VERY tedious, but worth it because it creates a really pretty looped edge.

This one was so big and bulky that I had to soak it in the bath tub to get it ready for blocking. And in the end, the only place I had room enough to stretch is all out, and keep it safe from prying paws, was my sewing studio.

It means I can’t sew for a few days until it dries… but I’ve got plenty other crafty things to do until then. That room is very warm and dry with the door closed, so it shouldn’t take too long.

Look for an FO post next week, while I decide what I’m going to knit next…

11 thoughts on “Blocked

  1. Michelle Cooper

    The Hemlock Ring looks incredible. Well done – the cast off was a major piece of work!
    Michelle in Wellington, New Zealand


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