Spring in my step

I haven’t decided what to cast on after finishing Hemlock Ring, so when I have had a few minutes to knit, I’ve just been adding rows to the socks I’m making for Dave’s Mom for Christmas.

I’m around the heel and passed the gusset now and you can really see the wild colours of this yarn. As a reminder it’s Kroy Socks in Dad’s Jacquard. I don’t have to worry that Kroy balls are light on yardarge here because Dave’s Mom has small feet – they are even smaller than mine!

Working on the sock is a nice bit of colourful cheer as I await spring. I know some of you are already seeing the first signs, but it’s Been pretty darn cold here (below freezing most days), with snow off and on. It’s supposed to be balmy and spring-like today, but then they are calling for snow and freezing rain tomorrow!

I checked on my bulb box the other day, and there were no signs of life (the soil is still frozen solid), though Facebook told me at this time last year I had daffodils and crocuses sprouting already.

Soon enough though… time marches on and spring will arrive!

10 thoughts on “Spring in my step

  1. I just Love that sock yarn, it’s so vibrant. I am always in awe of people who knit socks, I’ve tried and was hopeless at it.
    Los of signs of spring in my corner of thee world (SE Engand)


  2. Araignee

    That is one beautiful sock! Everything is up and blooming around here. It is supposed to be in the 70’s for the next few days. It’s weird though because it is still bleak and wintery looking so the spring things lose their impact. March is supposed to be when the green stuff comes back but I suppose we get what we get.


  3. A happy sock for sure! I agree about Kroy being short on yardage these days.. My socks definitely won’t be matching because there is no extra yarn to pull out to get to a matching spot with the first one.
    We had such gorgeous weather last week but we’ll pay for it this week. The forecast is for light snow off and on until Thursday when we could get 7-9 inches or more. We’ve only had 7 inches total this winter so we can’t complain. The moisture is very much needed.
    Have a wonderful Monday.
    Blessings and hugs,


  4. jatshaw

    What fun socks! You are so amazing to be knitting for Christmas now instead of the last minute like I do. Sometimes it seems like spring takes forever to arrive, doesn’t it?


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