Spring things

Mother nature continues to play games with us in terms of weather, but there’s still signs that Spring is truly on your way, if you look hard enough.

Spring thing#1

One of the houses on the way to the post office (in the dead centre of town) has two Maple trees on their front lawn. And I’m guessing they are sugar maples, because they are both tapped! Pretty smart if you ask me – Maple syrup is worth a mint!

I’m guessing with just two trees, it’s only for personal use, not commercial aspirations, but still! My Grandpa used to tap his trees when we were kids. He had a bit fire pit outside and he’d have the sap boiling over it to make his syrup.

Spring thing #2

Although Cardinals are not necessarily Spring bird (they are here all year round), their mating calls are certainly a sign of spring. And boy-howdy, are they getting busy out there. This lady came by for a snack the other day – probably to refuel for another long day of being wooed.

Spring thing #3

More and more green things are popping up in the bulb box. The tulips (far left) are biggest, and I need to take the fencing off before they get much bigger.

Ah spring… how I love you so!

9 thoughts on “Spring things

  1. Such neat signs of spring. Spring is definitely here in my area even though we have had frost for the last few nights. So much color with all the spring flowers in bloom and grass is being cut every week.


  2. Spring! It’s so. exciting. I have green popping up here too. In fact, I think one plant grew over 8 inches in two days! I’m not sure what they are. Maybe day lillies?
    That’s such a great picture of the lady cardinal. We had a male on our deck last week when Piper was here. She thought it was beautiful.
    Blessings and hugs,


  3. jatshaw

    Happy Spring! Our birds are busy, too, but I sure wish we had cardinals here. We are supposed to get heavy winds today; I sure hope not!


  4. Araignee

    Maple trees! How cool is that. I’ve only recently discovered the difference in real syrup vs the fake kind thanks to pandemic buying. I’ll never go back to the fake stuff.


  5. Ever so slowly the birds are returning and starting to sing. Snow is still in the forecast, but this time of year, it melts quickly. Love the “signs” you’re seeing in your area.


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