Walk-about Wednesday

I haven’t gotten out for a walk every day since last Wednesday, but I only missed a couple.

Here are a few of my favourite things from around town this week:

A house on our street has a butterfly house in their garden! And though it’s hard to tell, the currently dead bush beside it is a butterfly bush! I’m going to have to get pictures of this later in the season, because I bet it’s just beautiful in bloom!

Another house a few streets over is a converted church. I was just delighted by the juxtaposition of their little church birdhouse to their own churchy house!

And last, in front of the library, there’s a memorial for the young men of the area lost to the First World War. It’s not only a beautiful piece of scuplture, but a poignant reminder that the conflict reached far and wide, including little towns like ours.

7 thoughts on “Walk-about Wednesday

  1. Araignee

    We have a memorial like that in town and I’ve never walked over to see it. You have to cross the main road to get there at a busy intersection. They have ceremonies there on Memorial Day and it draws a big crowd. There are quite a few names on it, I’m sad to say.


  2. Love the butterfly house and the church birdhouse! So cute. Looks like you live in a very interesting and…perhaps?…quaint town. The memorial looks nice too and yes, that war reached far and wide as so many do.


  3. Love that butterfly bush and I really look forward to seeing it with the trees and bushes in bloom. Our walks through the cemetery here are always finding new places that soldiers were buried. Too many have given their lives for war and yet we still haven’t learned.


  4. Shirley Elliott

    It is fun to see the things you discover when out walking/exploring. I bet there will be many pretty flower photos in the coming months.


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