So long April…

… Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

I don’t know how you feel – but to me, this has been one of the crappiest Aprils I’ve ever experienced. The weather seemed colder than normal, drearier than normal,and it was just kind of a downer month.

It’s probably just because I’m so itching to be out in the yard. Still things are starting to develop…

These are my Turkestan Tulips. I’m quite pleased to see them. They were one of the first bulbs I planted at the townhouse. When I bought them, I thought they were regular tulips. It wasn’t until they first grew that I realized the were different. They are smaller and skinnier than regular tulips, but they are so dainty and pretty. I wasn’t sure I’d gotten the bulbs when I dug things up from the gardens and brought them here, so I was very happy to see them bloom!

I was able to bring lots of my daffodils and they are just starting to show off. I have a few different kinds.

Another bulb I was worried about was my pink grape hyacinths. They are one of my favourites and I hope they really thrive here.

And speaking of Grape Hyacinths, remember how I said the catio was full of them..

This is what the catio looks like now. I included the picture of Burton so you can get an idea of how big they are. Dave thought it was all crab grass (he’s not well-versed in vegetation). Unfortunately, I’m not seeing any flowers on them yet.

There’s a few blooming outside the catio by my irises though. I’m wondering if the ones in the catio are just too dense. I believe some bulbs need to be divided periodically to really do well. I’ll probably leave them another week of so to see if they bloom. Then, I’ve really got to get working on the catio landscaping, so they’ve got to come out!

Another thing that’s just every where is this Purple Deadnettle

It’s in the mint family, and if you know anything about mint, generally ,it spreads like crazy. It’s is a nice bit of pretty colour, especially when nothing else is blooming, so I’ll probably try to keep some of it.

And last.. did you know Maple trees bloom?

I confess, I did not. That is until I looked out my office window and saw my Norway Maple with all these small yellow flowers. I looked it up and yes… Maples bloom – in different colours, depending on the variety! How neat is that?

6 thoughts on “So long April…

  1. Araignee

    Agreed. April was a bust here too. It was either too cold or too hot all month. All the blooms were gone before we had a chance to get out and enjoy them. Right now the pollen is so thick I have to out and wash off the car every day. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m hoping May is better but I am betting it’s going to turn blistering hot and humid.


  2. jatshaw

    The other day our newspaper said this April was the coldest in years! Try scilla if you want something that spreads. Maple trees are in our area, too; they bloom and then have LOTS of pollen. I love grape hyacinths but never have seen a pink one, a few white ones but mostly purple. Those tulips of yours are very different! And I love daffodils because the squirrels and rabbit won’t eat them, and besides that they are so pretty. Happy Spring! (even though it’s still chilly…)


  3. Shirley Elliott

    I love your turkestan tulips and have never seen them before. You really did a great job with moving plants in a time crunch. I am so surprised that the grape hyacinths are not all blooming. They grew like weeds at my previous home and always bloomed. Your pink ones were the first I had seen. Spring has been beautiful in my area but so very windy. A bit of rain last night and now there are pollen streaks everywhere.


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