FO: Little Pearl

It took me longer to get around to than expected, but I finally got the snaps on the Little Pearl cardigan

It’s a basic simple top-down cardigan. What really makes this one shine is the self-striping yarn. In this case, it’s Ice Yarn Glamor Sock (sport weight)

I chose orange for the snaps, I think they they stand out just enough without being too over powering. I’m working on a hat an booties to go with it and round out the set.

8 thoughts on “FO: Little Pearl

  1. This weekend, there will be an art fair in one of the more expensive neighborhoods in our area.
    Some of the people who show up, with have pure-breed dogs on leashes, and often are pushing strollers with babies…wearing fur.
    I kid you not…babies in fur!
    However, any of these well-heeled folks would LURV to have this sweater on their offspring; so stylish! NICE!


  2. jatshaw

    Some little baby is going to look very cute in this! Nice work. Did you share the pattern for it? Also what kind of snaps did you use under the buttons?


  3. Shirley Elliott

    That is such a beautiful sweater! The colors make me think of fall (which is my favorite time of the year). The orange snaps are perfect. In the photo, I would have though they were buttons with a shank. What a great gift for your friend.


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