Friday felines

The weather is only now starting to get nice enough for me to get out and enjoy my new-to-me lounger. My plan is tomorrow is get out there and tidy things up so I can make use of the space again. (It becomes a storage space over winter).

But that’s doesn’t mean my lounger has been sitting there, unused all this time…

As you can tell by the cat hair… it’s WELL broken in… sigh… I guess I’m doing laundry on the weekend too! It’s a good thing those cushion covered are easy to remove and wash!

8 thoughts on “Friday felines

  1. Well…you did buy it for him didn’t you? 🙂 He looks very comfortable there. I think we’ll be greeted by very, very hot weather in the. 90’s F when we get home. I hope Mandy turns our AC on. It’s been so lovely here. We’ve had the windows open all day and night.


  2. Patty

    Awww….Look at that handsome face! I don’t think Relic approves of your comment on the cushions by the look on his face:-)
    I brush my three cats EVERY morning. It doesn’t make any difference because their beds are still lined with their hair. Like Picard said on Star Trek, “resistance is futile”! I haven’t given up but feel I’m losing this battle.
    Have a great weekend!


  3. Araignee

    That’s why I throw a fleece blankie on everything they sit on. I’m not sure how my cats have any hair on their bodies since they seem to lose a kitty’s worth a night.


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