Walkabout Wednesday

Regular walks have resumed!! And it’s sooooo nice to see the town in bloom.

For some reason, it seems to be only yellow and red tulips around here. I think I’ll cause quite a sensation when I have a whole rainbow of them in my gardens.

There’s one house here that appears to have as much enthusiasm for flowers as I do – the yard is almost all garden. And I was delighted to see hellebore!

This flower is on my to-get list. This is actually the first time I’ve ever seen it in person. They actually had several different colours, but I didn’t want to trespass all over their yard to get good pictures. These ones were fairly close to the sidewalk. Aren’t they stunning? When I get mine, they will go in the “woodland garden” I plan on making!

I loved the charm of this little pansy planter plunked on top of the old milk can. It looks like the frost got to the pansies, but it’s an idea I’m probably going to steal as I have TWO milk cans for the garden now (Dave’s Mom gave me one on the weekend).

And last, this is a house on the corner of our street. It’s evident that it once had border gardens beside the path and across the front of the porch, but they have been removed and seeded with grass. You could tell because there is a slight variation in level where the garden used to be.

It must have been filled in the summer or fall, long after the spring bulbs were done and forgotten about….

But the bulbs don’t care about the grass! What was it they said in Jurassic Park?… Nature finds a way!

10 thoughts on “Walkabout Wednesday

  1. What lovely colors all over the place. Our yard is bursting with purples, yellows, reds and more purples. Dad says he recently finished weeding and re-mulching his boss’s huge sloping bed full of blossoming cat mint, Russian Sage and geraniums. He says the geraniums are starting to show their rich deep purple blooms like crazy


  2. Glorious colors Val. So nice to see. Perhaps you can become friends with the other person who obviously loves flowers and plants – you could end up sharing seeds and plants!


  3. Araignee

    It never ceases to amaze me how different our growing season is from yours. We had all those things in bloom way back in early March and you are just seeing them now. I envy you because we missed them since the silly things all came out while it was still freezing. Frost got most of them. Those tulips are hilarious. I think tulips are funny anyway but those are seriously funny.


  4. Those last people got bonus tulips whether they wanted them or not. LOL

    Last fall I pulled out all the astilbe. Wellllllllllll, I thought I did. Two plants came back up. One of each color. Thankfully, they are ones that were out from under the bushes. So, they are going to stay and they can spead their roots as much as they like.


  5. Still nothing blooming here, but hopefully soon. Today is supposed to be in the 70s so that should kickstart some growth. Love the ideas you are collecting on your walkabouts.


  6. Shirley Elliott

    What beautiful walks you are having now. All of those flowers have already bloomed in my area. Daisies have been blooming for a few weeks and they are one of my favorite flowers. The milk can stand for a plant is an excellent idea. A trailing plant would drape down the sides and fill in an area or be a great backdrop. I’m sure your fingers are just itching to do some serious gardening.


  7. Such a lot of color everywhere. It went from furnaces on last week to 97F today and high humidity. We asked Mandy to turn on our AC on Sunday because it was so hot. What a change from London. I stil have no flowers and I don’t know if I’ll plant any this year. It was so hot to try to care for them last year. It’s definitely no Spokane!
    I like the tulips pushing their way up no matter.


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