Friday felines

You all know that Burton is a bit of a particular cat. It’s probably my fault for giving him a grand name and title… but one of the things he’s VERY particular about is the desire to drink his water from a drinking glass. I’m forever fighting him off when I have a glass of water.

Well for some reason, I got the brilliant idea to give him his own glass he could drink from on the upstairs bathroom counter. There I could easily fill it up with fresh water for him, since he insists on accompanying me to the bathroom almost every time I go.

I worked out well, and he quickly learned that he could find water up there at almost any time of the day, as I’d refresh it whether he came in there with me or not.

And it was all good until one day, the water level got too low for him to drink and he decided to let me know by pushing the glass into the sink where, naturally, it shattered into a billion pieces.

I decided he wasn’t getting another glass glass, but I had to find something that wouldn’t break, but still appease his delicate sensibilities and look like a glass.

It cost me $10 for just one, but I found the perfect plastic glass at the grocery store.

Since then, all as been hunky dory. Oh… he still smacks it into the sink if the water gets too low…

“Excuse me…. my water cup is empty, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I just dumped it in the sink…”

Please note the water dripping down the side of the cabinet.

And Burton is not the only one enjoying this second floor refreshment bar. I’ve come into the bathroom and seen both Rupert and Relic up there getting a drink.

And sometimes…

There’s even a line-up!

11 thoughts on “Friday felines

  1. Araignee

    Daughter does that with her kitties and I think it’s hysterical to see them all lined up for a drink at the sink. I’ve got one that only drinks from her paw. I’ve always wondered how she’d manage a glass but now I know. She’s knock it over for sure.


  2. Too cute! Ike, our neighbor’s cat, would always try to drink out of a glass – particularly if it had ice in it. You had to be careful with the gin & tonics!!


  3. Lord Burton, just look at the havoc you’ve caused!
    Da Boyz do not drink water: we tried glass bowls, ceramic bowls, fountains, filling the water in the bowl in front of them, turning on the tap in the sink…nope, nope, nope, nope, and nope!
    Which is why I add water to their canned food to make it gushier and sometime (oops!) soupier, but they eat it, and I find plenty of peeballs in the box.
    Sweetie, on the other hand, drinks water from her bowl religiously.


  4. Melissa

    Cats definitely have their own ideas and opinions about everything. But we are just their humble servants so…..their wish is our command (at least that’s what Stella my cat thinks). Hugs to you Dave and the boys.


  5. Cats definitely have minds of their owns. My MIL’s cat Maple, will only drink from the running tap in the bathroom. She sits and stares at you until you go into the bathroom and turn the water on. She also likes company while she drinks. If you leave the bathroom, she quits drinking until you come back and talk to her. Spoiled anyone? Ha!


  6. Patty

    This was such a great post! I love seeing the eccentricities of other cats. My cats drink out of their bowls but Ozzy likes to stir up the water with his paw and then drink from his paw.
    That close up of Burton, with the glass in the sink, is priceless!


  7. Giroux doesn’t just want A glass. He wants MY glass. But, he’ll gladly drink out of the faucet too.

    That was all fine and good until one day he knocked the hot water tap on and it ran all day.

    Your guys are oh so cute waiting for their turn.


  8. The photos are just adorable! While I have seen many photos of cats drinking from a glass, none of mine have ever given it a try. One of mine will only drink from the faucet. I add water to the moist catfood to increase fluid intake. You will have to consider the cats water glass requirement when you do your bathroom renovation.


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